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Meet Erin Leppo

Hi! My name is Erin Leppo and I’m so glad that you’re here!

I am a wedding photographer and I love photography for a million and one reasons. I LOVE wedding photography because I get to be a part of one of the most important days in couples lives – their wedding. I love capturing their special day and strive to ingrain the timeless beauty in photographs.

In the wedding planning process, photography is an essential component and at the end of the day, after the kisses, the tears, the dances, only the photographs and memories will last forever. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing my clients tell me they cried out of happiness when looking back at their photos. I love weddings more and more after every shoot. People do say a picture is worth a thousand words!

Over the last few years I have started specializing in photographing nontraditional weddings. I love photographing the off beat bride! Want to know what makes me over the moon super excited to photograph? Hindu weddings! Hindu weddings are my favorite thing to photograph!

It is so exciting to be a part of an Indian wedding and document the special traditions and ceremonies. Some of my favorite parts of the Hindu ceremony is documenting the seven steps or the tying of the Mangalsutra necklace or, even better, when the bride and groom see each other for the first time in front of hundreds of people! How thrilling!

One thing that all my clients have in common is that they all LOVE photography. They are so enthusiastic about having a blast at their engagement session and enjoy the real moments at their wedding. They love to try new things for the sake of art and laughter! These couples and their love for one another and, of course, the deep connection we have made is what makes my job truly rewarding.