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Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Your Dreams

As an exclusive boutique wedding photographer, Erin Leppo Photography specializes in photographing your unique and divine wedding.

Our work has been featured in publications like: Style Me Pretty, Indian Wedding Site, My Big Fat Indian Wedding, Audrey Magazine, and Equally Wed.

Because Weddings are our absolute passion, we strive to create timeless, artistic, and candid art in each and every photo. After the wedding is all said and done, you will have three tangible things: a spouse, a ring, and stunning photographs.

Cherish Every Moment, For A Lifetime

Through our photojournalistic style, we capture the spontaneity, true emotion, and ambiance of one of life's greatest days. We are not simply photographers, we are life's true observers who specialize in capturing the most pure moments of your wedding day.

We want you to look through your photos and be brought right back to the memories. And remember, these photographs aren't just for you, they are for your family and your future children.

Dedicated To Family Values

We appreciate the closeness of family which is why Erin Leppo Photography is a collaboration between two sisters. When meeting us, you will immediately notice we are personable, relaxed, and full of energy. This combination will help you feel more comfortable earlier on in our shoot, which ultimately lets us capture the "real you" throughout our sessions.

The reason we are able to capture such true photos is because we establish a relationship with you prior to the wedding. So when the wedding day comes, you're not working with a random photographer, you're working with someone you already know and trust, us.

The following outlines several of the benefits you'll receive when working with Erin Leppo Photography:

Secondary Photographer

Imagine capturing 50 percent more images of your wedding day from a variety of unique and complimentary angles. Your secondary photographer helps fill in the gaps of coverage, never leaving a moment missed. Having a second photographer is the full coverage experience, allowing your dreams to unfold naturally as your day progresses.

Engagement Session

Engagement sessions are the perfect time for you to get in front of the camera and practice before the big day! You will absolutely love shooting the engagement session, not only for the enjoyable experience, but to have gorgeous photos to display at your wedding, or even to use as a Save The Date!

The year before the wedding is quite special and should be documented as much as possible. Your engagement session captures the excitement and love that you share for one another, before the Big Day! Photographing your excitement, emotion, and love is very special and you will cherish these photos for years to come! Share them on Facebook with all your closest family and friends, show off your love, and know with confidence that you look and feel absolutely beautiful!

Online Gallery

Share your amazing photos with your closest family and friends. Invite them to view your photos and print their favorites. And for those who might have missed the wedding, the online gallery is a great way to relive the moments they had to miss.

You and your guests can make folders of your favorite images, and then quickly view the hundreds of professionally finished photos. Weddings are not only special for the bride and groom, they are an important day for your whole family. Give your family and friends the gift of being able to cherish your special day over and over again.​

Digital Backup

You will receive a copy of your edited high resolution images on a USB drive. You'll have the memories in your own possession and a limited copyright release will be given to you so you can go print your photos and share them as much as you want!

You can quickly share your favorite photographs on Facebook or make a Christmas card with some of your favorites! Think of all the creative possibilities! Of course, you will want to transfer them to an external hard drive to make an additional back up of these precious memories! These are the portable timeless memories that you will have forever!​

Flush Mount Albums

The flush mount album is a timeless family heirloom that presents itself as a piece of art. Its deep rich prints and incredible layout designs wrap itself together as a beautiful illustration of the day.

This album is something special you can pass down to your children, and then they can pass down to their children. The archival print is a masterpiece just dying to be shown to your family and friends! Share the experience of your fairytale wedding with those closest to your heart.

Imagine your family and friends are visiting for Thanksgiving and you want to showoff your wedding. So you go to the armoire and carefully remove your Flush Mount Album. Immediately they notice, this is not an ordinary album, it's the Elite Flush Mount Album. They "ooh and aah" even before you reach the first page. Over a glass of wine and many laughs you relive your wedding day, and remember all the excitement and magic, forever preserved in your spectacular wedding flush mount album.

This is the very best way to share and relive your experience. The album is ideal for you, and also for your parents! Your parents are so proud of you and your happily ever after, they too want to relive the moments and share your special day!

Your album is designed in chronological order with you specifically in mind. We never use a a template. Every single page is designed with your wedding at the forefront of our mind. We use simple clean lines so when you look at the pages you immediately get lost in the photos and forget that there is even a design. The spreads are easy to look at and enjoyable. We help you pick from the most beautiful and authentic moments and combine images together to tell your unique story.​

Professional Artistic Processing

Here at Erin Leppo Photography we go through hundreds of your wedding images and hand select the most elegant and stunning photos from your wedding day. We select approximately 50-100 images per hour of photography and hand process every single one!

There are no automations or batch edits. We work on every single photo individually and make sure it meets our incredibly high standards! When our couples see their photos they always tell us "wow we look amazing! I can't believe that's me!" And that's exactly how you will feel, when you see the photos we produce for you.

We adjust the exposure, contrast, color, and convert many to black and white. We complete the artistic processing and give it that clean polished look that makes people say "wow that is gorgeous and so professional!" This involves a technical process that is essential when capturing an outstanding photo, but also requires much experience and knowledge to give each photo a professional finished look!

Rehearsal Dinner Coverage

Capturing the excitement before the big day is essential. Rehearsal dinner coverage is a must if you want every moment captured. The night before the wedding is full of surprises, excitement, and anticipation of the wedding day! Having this documented is a beautiful bonus when looking through your wedding photos.

You can really see and relive the memories in the order that the weekend happened. Some people might not be able to make it to the wedding and might only be able to make the rehearsal-of course you want photos with them too.

Boudoir Session

The perfect gift for your future spouse! The boudoir session is a private and intimate session showcasing your love and devotion to your best friend and life long partner. Here at the boudoir session you can be and show your true self.

It will be just you and Erin shooting at a luxury hotel here in Chicago. And you'll feel totally relaxed because it's just us girls! Our clients tell us that they feel more beautiful and special after shooting a boudoir session.

Our goal is to empower you to feel your very best at this special time in your life. We want you to have fun and feel sexy without the pressures of the outside world. This is a once in a lifetime experience that is between you, Erin and your future life long companion.

And of course if you would like it will be top secret! No one will ever know! Surprise your lover with the most thoughtful and sensual gift possible! The boudoir session is shot at a luxury hotel of your choice here in Chicago (The Trump Tower overlooking Michigan Avenue is a favorite).​