Erin Lindsey Images + Erin Leppo Photography = photo expedition!

Omg I don’t even know where to start with this blog….
But here we go anyways! Every year my sister Lauren and I do a fun photography shoot! We call it “SISTA ENGAGMENT SESSION”. I know its quite funny, the name and all but we love it! We work(photography) together and also are best friends. We do nearly everything together! We are  getting ready to go to Michigan tomorrow to shoot a Vietnamese wedding…:DShould be a lot of fun… anyways. 
This years “sista engagement session” was shot by the absolute amazing team at Erin Lindsey Images.:DI stumbled across Erin’s Facebook page a few years ago and she “friended” me on Facebook. lol. We have some  friends in common from Virginia (where we both grew up) and somehow quickly became internet friends and that quickly turned into long Skype dates and finally!!!!! We got to meet in Chicago this summer! 
I love our sister pictures. We are obsessed!!!! 
                                                                                                                                                                           Meeting Erin and Will was not weird at all. Sometimes you meet someone online and do the Skype dates–you just have this feeling that you will be best friends! So when we met —-it was like we had been best friends for years. We had such a fun day running around the city. I couldn’t stop laughing the whole day. It was my favorite day this year. I’m not joking. Running around in the sun,,trying new things with light, just having fun and enjoying each others company. There were just so many things we had to talk about. Business being our main subject of conversation.What do you do about this. this and that? How do you handle xyz?! It is great to have a friend in the business -someone who understands your fears and also loves photography for the same reasons!  The passion and enthusiasm is contagious! We needed a pick-me-up. A inspiration crash course. We had fun and I feel rejuvenated!

It was awesome that we all shoot Canon…so we were able to share and mix lenses and bodies. However it makes it a bit difficult to figure out who shot what exactly. So I’m going to say it was a mix of us four shooting on a mark3 and a mark2.:)We used a variety of lenses ranging from the 35mmL, 50mmL and 85mmL!  If we were in the picture we obviously didn’t take the shot. lol.





Please let some comment love below!!:D




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Izabelle - Bloody FAB! :-)

kristin - love this idea!

Morgan Wade - You are hilarious, and with that, I bequeath you a bloody comment on these FABULOUS photos full of so much freaking joy and amazeballs light! YAY!

Erin - Ahhh! I love it! That is hilarious how we both essentially said the same thing in our blogs! Haha! i guess that means it’s all true :)

We had so much fun with you guys! I can’t wait til next time!! :-D

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