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This wedding season has really been such an amazing year! I have been blessed with brides and grooms that truly are passionate about their love and creating beautiful photos!!! However, thats not why I am here writing away on my blog. Theres a few things I need to get off my chest… and tell the world.

I am your boutique photographer. I have limited the amount of weddings that I will book in 2013 to 15 weddings per year. I am reducing the amount of bookings because I want to get to know youConnect with you and not just be a stranger by your side.. but a friend. it is so incredibly important to the photography connect…This is truly such a personal business: photography. I am not a cattle herder..but am one of lifes true documenters. I want to be there on your day and capture the real you! Document your love.

Which brings me onto my main point of writing this blog entry!  A little bit about me and my past-which is important for me to verbalize this for myself and the readers. I moved to a teenie tiny town (McHenry, Il) my Junior year of high school. It wasn’t much later in life when I came out as “bisexual”..oh geeze- I hate that label! I wasn’t sure if I was gay or straight. To put it bluntly I was confused as all heck. Unfortunately, like many LGBT youth there are many lows in figuring out who we are.

Coming out brought me a whole new perspective to life. I was unaware  of the brutality  of what coming out really means in the USA. It was not easy. When I thought I was surrounded by friends and love …life just kept surprising me, beating me down. I naively thought that my old friends and some family would stand by my side.. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. I guess thats when people show their true colors.. There comes a certain point when you realize that you just don’t have the energy or desire to care what people think or say about you.

On an awesome immediate family supported me the whole time and I am forever grateful for them and our relationships. My parents raised me to believe that they would love me no matter what. Because of this, I never thought that I should have to thank my family for sticking by my side. I always thought that was a given.. that they would love me however I came-fat-skinny-bi-tranny-whatever.

I am aware that I might “lose” potential “brides” by writing this blog..and that’s ok.

Here is a favorite shot from Beth and Debs wedding! <3 <3 <3  Full sneak peek coming soon! xo,Erin


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Kathy - You’re awesome!! :) fantastic post. So excited for that wedding! We’re shooting our first LGBT wedding this year. Love is love!!! :)

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